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Our rental stairlifts are available to hire throughout the UK

Rental Stairlift costs

Rental Stairlifts gives you the opportunity to rent a stairlift with the latest technology at the lowest price, and stair-lift rental is one of the most cost effective means of having a stair-lift fitted in your home.

Stairlifts near me

We install rental stairlifts throughout the UK

Our rental stairlift costs are one of the lowest and most competitive in the UK.

Stair-lift rental

How much does it cost to rent a stairlift from Rental Stairlifts?

To help with the cost of living raise we are keeping our stair-lift rental cost fixed at just £245 initial payment and £10.38 per week* for straight stairlifts, to help you with a guaranteed fixed outgoing. We are commited to keeping this stairlifts price for as long as we can.

Our stair-lift rental scheme is an excellent option for customers who don't want the worry and expense of the maintenance and servicing costs of a stairlift. When you rent a stairlift from Rental Stairlifts, we will service it regularly and keep it in safe working order, so you don't have to worry about any extra maintenance costs. In the unlikely event that there is any problem with your stairlift, you can be assured that help is only a phone call away.

Here is some more information about how much our stair-lifts cost

stairlifts near me

Useful tips to consider when you are thinking about installing a rental stairlift

It can be helpful to talk to your GP or an occupational therapist when you are considering renting a stairlift.

Friends and family may be able to recommend companies they have had good experiences with, as a personal recommendation can go a long way to help you make the right decision.

Rental stairlift options to suit your staircase

Straight stairs - It is possible to fit a stairlift to almost all types of traditional staircases.

Curved stairs or an intermediate landing - If your stairs have a curve, then you will need a curved stairlift.

Curved stairlifts are created bespoke so can end up being more expensive than straight ones, but as they are created for the individual staircase, this makes them far more versatile.

Narrow stairs – If your stairs are very narrow, and you are unable to stand, then a narrow stairlift can be fitted to your staircase.

The track will need to be fitted a small distance away from the top and bottom of the stairs to allow you and others clear access to your stairs around the lift track.

Dexterity of hands

If you have reduced dexterity in your hands from arthritis or a lack of strength in your hands, you may find using the manual swivel level difficult.

When your stairlift arrives at the top of your stairs, you will need to turn (or swivel) your seat around to ensure that you are exiting the stairs safely onto the landing, rather than in a precarious position at the top of your stairs.

A manual swivel seat is operated by a handle that can be fitted on either side of your seat that needs to be either pushed down or pulled up depending on the model of stairlift you choose.

All Rental Stairlift stairlifts are fitted with a manual swivel seat as standard, however, there is an option for a powered swivel seat with remote controls.

With the powered swivel option, you will only need to continue holding the toggle that you will be using to operate the stairlift.

Review your budget

Finally, you will need to assess your budget. ‘How much does a stairlift cost’ is a common question that arises for anyone considering investing in one. If you have a limited budget, then renting a stairlift may be the ideal solution for you.

Stairlift hire near me

Our stair-lift rental service covers the whole of the UK**, as well as Bradford, Sheffield, Bury, Keighley, Huddersfield, Leeds, Manchester, Wakefield, Burnley and Oldham. in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester and Worthing, Chichester, Brighton, Lewes and Crawley in Sussex.

So if you are searching for stair-lift hire near you, look no further!

Our main northern headquarters are in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Here is some information about our rental stairlift locations.

Visit our Facebook page to get in touch and for more details. Or go to our Twitter page for up to date info.

Brooks Stair-lift rental

Please take a look at our answers to 'frequently asked questions' -

new curved rental stairlift

Rental Stairlifts is a well established leading supplier of stairlifts throughout the UK. Stairlift rental gives you the option to try before you buy, and allows you the ultimate peace of mind, as all rental stairlift maintenance and repairs are covered. We know that renting a stairlift can mean the difference between staying in your own home or moving into a care home. We have been helping our customers with mobility issues for many years, and can supply all types of rental stairlifts, from a simple straight stairlift to a complex curved 360 degree model. You can also read more about things to consider when renting a stairlift in our stairlift rental guide. and read stories from our many happy customers.

The Senior Team at Rental Stairlifts

Sue Green manages Rental Stairlifts. Sue is a nurse by background and has managed care homes for different client groups including elderly, working age adults with disabilities, rehabilitation units and intermediate care. Sue has a good understanding of people’s mobility needs, long term conditions and the psychological importance of facilitating clients to use the whole of their home.


Although Sue has spent the majority of her career working in and managing care homes, she is fully aware that the best place for anyone is in their own home and is passionate about helping people to achieve this. Sue is happy to chat with customers giving any advice she can.

John Sugden heads up the surveying team. John has 27 years of experience in the stairlift industry. John is also a qualified builder, this comes in handy when surveying stairs which are not standard. John is happy to chat to customers about their stairlift needs.

What our customers say

new curved rental stairlift“I was really impressed with the service," said Mrs Nicholson. "The stairflift was installed quickly with no trace of any mess left behind, ready for me to come home from hospital." new curved rental stairlift

view our rental stairlifts testimonials>

Here is some general advice for people considering renting a stairlift.

How we have helped our Rental Stairlift customers

We are very happy to have helped so many customers to regain the full use of their homes and retain their independence over the years with our stair-lift rental service. Our customers have presented us with many and varied challenges, but we are pleased to say most have been overcome without too much difficulty!

read more>

Financial help for elderly people

Now we’re into the colder months, you may be worried about how you or an elderly friend or relative will afford to stay warm this winter.

According to Age UK, two thirds of people over 60 find it difficult to pay their energy bills. There are various government schemes and charities which can help elderly people to stay warm this winter - here are some details:


If you were born before the 26th of September 1956 you could get between £250 and £600 to help pay your heating bills during winter 2022 to 2023. This is known as a ‘winter fuel payment’.

The amount you’ll get includes a ‘pensioner cost of living payment’. This is in addition to any other Cost of Living Payments you get with your benefit or tax credits.

Here are more details: https://www.gov.uk/winter-fuel-payment

Every year in the UK, £3.7bn worth of benefits fail to be claimed by the older generation.

These articles will explain how to know which benefits you’re entitled to:




Grants for Home Adaptations

All local councils offer a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG), a scheme for making changes to your home and installing items that can help you stay independent, such as stairlifts and shower seats.

To get the grant, the overall cost needs to be above £1,000, but most councils also have a budget to pay for small changes that cost under £1,000 and this is usually not means tested.

You cannot get a DFG for work that has already started so you will need to make enquiries before any work begins.

You will need to initially request a free care needs assessment from your local council. They will send an occupational therapist to assess your needs and make recommendations on what equipment, adaptations and help you need. If they consider your needs to be ‘eligible’, the council will have a duty to offer you help.

The grant could cover the cost of adapting your home up to the value of £30,000 in England, although this does depend on your income and savings.

Sometimes local authorities will pay more if it saves them money in the long run.

And some local charities will pay if you cannot get the grant from your local council.

Housing associations and co-operatives manage the grant in different ways so you may want to ask what the policy is if this is relevant to you.

The benefits of stairlift rental

When you rent a stairlift from Rental Stairlifts, we will service it regularly and keep it in safe working order, so you don't have to worry about any extra maintenance costs. In the unlikely event that there is any problem with your stairlift, you can be assured that help is only a phone call away.

Our customers

As well as helping elderly customers to regain independence and stay in their own homes, we also help many people of all ages with restricted mobility:

We recently installed a stairlift in Manchester for an elderly lady who has been having trouble getting up the stairs. She has a limited budget but found our stairlift rental package ideal for her, and the on-going free maintenance package gave her much needed peace of mind. more info>

Sam, who is 32 and from Manchester, needed an operation on his hip and was only able to come back to his house from hospital after we liaised with physiotherapists and occupational therapists - more info>

We helped Stacey, 26, from Brighton, to get upstairs and stay independent when she was recovering from a motorbike accident. She was unable to put any weight on her broken leg for a few months - more info>

Tom, 35, who lives in Crawley, has a medical condition which means he suffers from reduced mobility. He is considering moving from his house to a ground floor flat, more info>

Many people don’t realise they have the option to rent a stairlift. This can be a more convenient choice than buying one, especially if it is only needed for a short amount of time - more info>

Many of us meet occupational therapists for the first time when we have an older relative ready to leave hospital.

They focus on enabling people to get back on their feet after illness or injury. Their aim is to help people retain their independence as much as possible and to continue with the activities they need to do or enjoy, like hobbies and social activities. more info>

We had this installed on a hire basis to make it easier for my wife get up the stairs. She can get down the stairs alright it's just the climb back up where she struggles. I found the service second to none, starting from first contact, the site survey by the sales rep (no pressure at all) and the fitting. I cannot recommend them highly enough.James Johnson

Mrs Greaves has a narrow, curved staircase and so she thought that she would not be able to have a stairlift fitted.

“I felt so relieved I could stay in my own home”’ said Mrs Greaves. “I’ve lived in this area of Manchester all my life.” view case study>

We were asked to take out an old stairlift and install a new one for Mr Elland in Bury. The previous company had gone into liquidation and were unable to take out the stairlift.

"I was reassured to find we were able to rent the stairlift too, so having it taken away if necessary would not be a problem.” Mr Elland, Bury view case study>

We installed the slimline Acorn - Brooks Lincoln stairlift for Mrs Finch, who lives in Worthing. She has a very narrow staircase and so was pleased to find that we could install a slimline stairlift which would allow her to get up the stairs, and would also fold against the wall and leave enough room for her family to use the stairs.

“I didn't want any structural changes to the house and was pleased that the installation didn't change anything. The stairlift fits well and folds away very neatly” Mrs Finch, Worthing view case study>

Mrs Fritchely thought that installing a stairift in her home in Chichester would make her life a lot easier as she suffers from arthritis and was finding it increasingly difficult to get up the stairs.

“I was pleased there is an option to either sit or stand,” said Mrs Fritchley. My aches and pains seem to move around, so sometimes it’s more comfortable to stand up!” Mrs Fritchley, Chichester view case study>

Mr Lewis, who lives in Brighton, needed a stairlift installing after he fell and injured his leg. As he hoped that his leg would recover and he would then be able to manage the stairs, he felt renting a stailift would be the ideal solution.

“The stairlift is a godsend", said Mr Lewis. "I'm hoping that my leg will recover and I'll be able to use the stairs again without the stairlift, but for now it's great.” Mr Lewis, Brighton view case study>

Mr Harding, who lives in Crawley, has broken his leg and so is unable to get up the stairs for a few months. He contacted us to see if he could rent a stairlift for the period he needs for his leg to heal.

“Renting a stairlift is a great option for me,” said Mr Harding. “I love walking, especially in the countryside near where I live, and can’t wait to recover, but until then at least I can get up the stairs!" ” Mr Harding, Crawley view case study>

We installed a curved stairlift for Mrs Nicholson who lives in Lewes so that she could leave hospital and still have access to her bedroom and bathroom upstairs.

“I was really impressed with the service". said Mrs Nicholson. "The stairflift was installed quickly with no trace of any mess left behind, ready for me to come home." ” Mrs Nicholson, Lewes view case study>

Mrs Sutton, who lives in Oldham, had a stairlift installed in her home. Unfortunately the stairlift needed quite a few repairs over the last couple of years and she began to wonder if there was a more economical way of having a stairlift installed. A friend recommended Rental Stairlifts and she contacted us for advice and a free no obligation quote. We explained that renting a stairlift is a great option for customers who don't want the worry and extra expense of the maintenance and servicing costs of a stairlift.

“I was worried that the recent repairs meant it wouldn’t be economical to have the stairlift in the future, so I’m really glad I now don’t need to worry about that at all”, Mrs Sutton, happy Rental Stairlift customer in Oldham. read more>

Renting a stairlift is a much more flexible solution than buying one, ideal for Mr Barlow in Bury, whose wife suffered a temporary loss of mobility caused by an operation.

"I didn't want to move the bedroom downstairs, and we didn't really have the room anyway," he said. "I tried to support my wife's weight up the stairs but I wasn't as strong as I thought! The stairlift really was a god-send. And when my wife's recovered, the engineers will come and remove it at no extra cost!" read more>

How much does it cost to rent a stairlift from Rental Stairlifts?

Rental Stairlifts’ tips for keeping warm in winter

Winter can be a difficult time for the over 65s and health problems such as rheumatism and hypothermia can deteriorate with the colder weather. According to Age UK, one very common concern is keeping warm. Age UK recommend these tips help you keep warm during winter:

Installing your Rental stairlift

stairlift hire installation

One of our trained consultants will visit you in your home and conduct a detailed assessment of your stairs. They will ask you a few questions about your staircase and yourself to help us understand your needs and how we can help you. In the case of curved staircases, they will use the latest digital survey equipment to determine the best solution.

We go to great lengths to ensure that your stairlift installation is convenient and hassle free, and we install most stairlifts from start to finish within a few hours. We will also return your house to exactly the same state that we found it in. We will vacuum your floor with our own vacuum cleaner, and always have two pairs of shoes, for indoors and outdoors.

Most importantly, we will stay until you are 100% happy with the operation and function of your rental stairlift, and every aspect of our service. Throughout our manufacturing process we have a range of checks and balances and finally we test every single stairlift carriage before it leaves our factory to ensure all our rental stairlifts meet our stringent quality criteria.

Our customer service is just as important to us as the rental stairlifts we install and we will do everything we can to make sure your experience at every step of the way is easy and hassle free.

Click here for curved stairlift rental information>

Regaining independence

Mr Smith from Manchester had been suffering from back problems for some time and was relieved when the hospital said they could operate. Unfortunately, he got an infection while he was in hospital and needed a lot more help to live independently at home. View case study>

Rental Stairlifts can offer the newest stairlift models manufactured to the highest standards by the top brands in the industry. We offer flexible rental stairlift options, and for your complete peace of mind, all our products are fully guaranteed and meet the current British Standards for safety.

Take a look at our new Rental Stairlifts video

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All our rental stairlifts have the latest features:

You'll find the rates for renting our stairlifts are very competitive. We can provide a quotation within a couple of days, and deliver the stairlift within days of the customer signing up to our rental agreement.

*Full terms and conditions available on request
**Except Scotland