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The advantages of renting a stairlift

Renting a stairlift gives you flexibility and the ultimate peace of mind. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to buy a stairlift outright. You may only require a stairlift for a short period of time, or be on a tight budget.

There are numerous advantages to renting a stairlift instead of buying one. You can rent for a limited period to see if a stairlift fits your needs before buying, or to see how things go if you suffer from an illness or disability, without committing yourself financially. Sometimes you may only need the stairlift for a short period. For example, if a disabled person is only staying with you for a limited time, for end of life care, or for disabilities brought on by injuries, surgery and other medical procedures that over time may be resolved with treatment.

All rental stairlift maintenance and repairs are covered as part of your rental agreement. Our installations carry a full callout and maintenance service which is included in your monthly rental premium at no extra cost.

Each stairlift supplied and installed comes with an on-going warranty, which is completely free and starts from the day of installation. It covers you for parts, labour, break-downs and call outs. You won’t have to worry about servicing or costs as we take care of that, and when you don't need it any more we’ll come and remove it. So it's an excellent option for customers who don't want the worry and expense of the maintenance and servicing costs of a stairlift.

We offer our rental service for the majority of straight and curved staircases. And we can often accommodate small curves at the top of the staircase, or fanned shaped stairs with a custom built transfer platform. Stairlift rental gives you the latest stairlift technology at the lowest price, and renting a stairlift is one of the most cost effective means of having a stairlift fitted in your home. Please give us a call on freephone: 0800 0747171 to discuss how we can meet your requirements, or if you have any queries.

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